Growth Marketing Services

Is your startup struggling to get off the ground or grow as fast as you’d like? Read on if so: I help startups refine their product, marketing, and sales so they sell more, faster.

What I do

What I do in short is customer development and product management.

I mostly work with B2B SaaS startups – early stage startups that struggle with the viable part of their quest to build an MVP, and more established ones that aren’t growing as fast as they’d like.

In both of these scenarios, I get involved in activities that revolve around product management, marketing, sales, and management. In short I look for and experiment with ways to make my customers’ startups take off or grow faster, by interacting with external stakeholders and by shoveling through data. And I then bring execution to make their startups sell more, faster.

Here are a few examples of activities that I’ve done in the past and that I can do for a startup like yours:

  • Surface valuable insights about your product and your market by doing in-depth interviews with your customers, end-users, partners, etc. This helps ensure that you’re building a product that resonates with its end-users, and allows to gather eye opening statements that later turn into compelling sales copy or reveal new marketing and sales channels.

  • Reveal your competitors’ best growth ideas by analyzing their go-to-market strategies and the tactics they’re using. This helps reduce your learning curve if you decide to “borrow” and improve on what seems to be working. (It also helps to not waste time on what doesn’t work.)

  • Make your product usage, marketing, and sales data more useful by improving how you collect and refine it, and by distilling the data into reports and dashboards that give answers and help you track progress.

  • Increase your product’s conversion rate and slash its churn rate by shedding light on what your customers are struggling with and how much they’re struggling, so your marketing and product teams are able to better prioritize what they do – and, when appropriate, A/B test.

  • Make your product engineers work more effectively by helping them engage in Agile development and project management best practices – and stay clear of hyped (mal)practices that tend to plague startups.

  • Attract more targeted traffic to your website through a mix of content marketing activities (landing pages, case studies, white papers, blog posts), email automations, targeted ads, and more.

  • Make your marketing convert better by gently educating your leads about your product before they buy – and continuing to educate them after they buy, to turn them into repeat buyers and vocal advocates.

  • Scout new markets and new sales channels for your product. Blaze trails forward when they show promise. And create playbooks that marketers and sales can refer to when they’re worth going for.

  • Make your sales process more effective and more efficient by creating the same type of playbooks for your existing markets and sales channels, as well as by improving your sales and operating processes if needed.

Why work with me

I’ve grown the visitor to paying user conversion rate of past customers by as much as 40x, and the number of leads their sales staff were able to handle by as much as 4x. The latter results were outliers of course. I can’t promise you the same, but I’m results oriented and I continue to learn.

Another good reason to work with me is my technical background. I’m a telecoms engineer and I’ve developed software for 10 years. This lets me rapidly grok new tech I’m exposed to. It also comes in handy when I want to analyze user activity data and make it speak.

We might be a good fit if…

  • You’re funded or have dependable revenue, and you’re looking for an experienced marketer and sales to experiment with or optimize growth activities and set up teams to execute the ones that give the best return.

  • You’ve a side project or an idea, a few thousand dollars that you can put forward as a budget, and you’d like a customer development expert to evaluate your market prospects – and help you launch if they’re good.

Alternatively, we might also be a good fit if:

  • You have funding but are struggling to make your product viable, and you’d like a seasoned customer developer and product manager to help you achieve product-market fit before it’s too late.

  • You’re selling complex technical services or solutions, and you’d like an engineer with good business acumen to explore whether what you sell could be productized and sold by less technical sales staff.

What more, you’re ideally (though not necessarily):

  • Selling an IT-related product to businesses or engineers – software as a service, traditional software, infrastructure, or hardware.

  • In a time zone not too far away from Europe (CET), so we have 3 or more business hours in common.

What they’re saying

“Sales copy is spot on”

“Denis surfaced lots of great insights as he looked for patterns on how our customers decided to work with us. He then used the findings to create our new landing page. The resulting sales copy is spot on. So is the new pricing. I’m loving the results.”

– Jeff O’Neill, OpaVote

“Impeccable work ethics”

“Denis displayed impeccable work ethics. Just hours into working on my launch page, he brought up apps that did what I wanted and similar ones with deep pockets. Putting my interests before his, he stopped and saved me thousands of dollars.”

– Scott Brooks, BlueRose

How we can work together

I’m flexible and have no set way of working. I’ll be happy to discuss the two options that follow or however else you think we could work together.

Weekly guidance

In a nutshell, this hands-off option is you hiring me as your boss. We’ll set goals together and meet every week to review your progress. As we do, you’ll get feedback and guidance, and we’ll lay out next steps so you can reach the goals we set faster.

As a member of your team

In this more hands-on scenario, I’ll join your team on a part- or full time basis. On top of delivering feedback and guidance when appropriate, I’ll expedite my own tasks and help foster collaboration so more work gets done faster.

Want to sell more, faster?

My email is Reach out to explore the results we can get together.