Sell more. Faster.

Could your product better match what your customers want to buy? Could your marketing better tell how much value they’re getting? Could your sales be more predictable and repeatable?

Continue reading if yes. I help startups refine their product, marketing, and sales so they sell more, faster.

What I do

What I do in short is Customer Development.

I look for and experiment with ways to make startups take off or grow faster. I do this by interacting with their prospects, customers, and partners. I triage and refine the data I surface until it’s actionable and impactful. I prioritize next steps with their teams. And I bring execution so they sell more, faster.

In practice this usually gets me involved in one or more of these activities:

Product Management

No amount of marketing and sales will save a product that customers don’t want to use. If your product isn’t yet viable, I can help you scope and build one that is. Once it is, I can help you refine what its future looks like and make your team ship faster.


Customers have the best words to tell what you do and what value they get; or why they’re not buying faster; or where you can find more of them. I can get you this data and help you act on it so you attract and engage with more, better leads.


Sales teams are to businesses what wings are to birds. If your business is more like a dodo than an eagle, I can improve your sales process and equip you with playbooks (inbound and outbound) so your sales close more deals more reliably.


Many managers were never taught how to manage projects or teams. If you weren’t either, I can help you keep only the good parts of Agile so your teams expedite more projects; make better hires; and retain your staff longer.

We might be a good fit if…

  • You’re a startup with dependable revenue or funding, and:

    • You think your revenue could be much higher. But you’re struggling to find someone who can polish up and execute your growth plan; or someone who can come up with such a plan to begin with.

    • Your current marketing and sales hires can handle the day to day but need more feedback and direction; or you’re the founder doing those things and you need extra arms, coaching, or training.

  • Alternatively, you’ve a side project or an idea, and:

    • You’d like to have a Customer Development expert check what your market prospects are; and then help you launch or grow your project if its market prospects are good.

    • You can budget a few thousand dollars to get that done.

  • You’re ideally (though not necessarily):

    • Selling an IT-related product to businesses or engineers – software as a service, traditional software, infrastructure, or hardware.

    • Close enough to Europe that we’re both online for 3+ hours per day.

  • You’re ready to establish a high-quality relationship with an expert who can both get his hands dirty and lead your team to execute.

Why work with me

I’ve grown the visitor to paying user conversion rate of past customers by as much as 40x and the number of leads their sales staff can handle by as much as 4x. Those were outliers of course and I can’t promise you the same, but I know my stuff well enough to get you results – and I continue to learn.

Another good reason to work with me is my technical background: I’m a telecoms engineer and I’ve developed software for 10 years. This enables me to rapidly grok and discuss new tech I’m exposed to. It also enables me to dive into and analyze the user activity data you collect to make it speak.

What they’re saying

“Sales copy is spot on”

“Denis surfaced lots of great insights as he looked for patterns on how our customers decided to work with us. He then used the findings to create our new landing page. The resulting sales copy is spot on. So is the new pricing. I’m loving the results.”

– Jeff O’Neill, OpaVote

“Impeccable work ethics”

“Denis displayed impeccable work ethics. Just hours into working on my launch page, he brought up apps that did what I wanted and similar ones with deep pockets. Putting my interests before his, he stopped and saved me thousands of dollars.”

– Scott Brooks, BlueRose

How we can work together

I’m flexible and have no set way of working. I’ll be happy to discuss the two options that follow or however else you think we could work together.

Weekly guidance

In a nutshell, this hands-off option is you hiring me as a coach. We’ll set goals together and meet every week to review your progress. As we do, you’ll get feedback and guidance, and we’ll lay out next steps so you can reach the goals we’ve set faster.

As a member of your team

In this more hands-on scenario, I’ll join your team as a manager or a contributor. On top of expediting my own tasks, I’ll provide you and your team with feedback and guidance, and I’ll help foster collaboration so more projects get done faster.

Want to sell more, faster?

My email is Reach out to explore the results we can get together.